EASA 2004 Prize Winner (formerly ILSAP) has been selected as a winner of the European Academic Software Award (EASA) 2004.

Image of EASA 2004 certificate

EASA is a biennial competition for academic software and the use of education technology, arranged by the European Knowledge Media Association (EKMA). It is intended to stimulate the understanding, development and use of knowledge media within higher education across Europe.


ILSAP impressed the jurors with its innovative and excellent graphical simulations, its use of open-ended problems and its integrated educational approach.

ILSAP was the name used during the pilot phase of

IISI is absolutely delighted and honoured that was selected for the award, especially when considering the very high quality of the other 29 software projects. Apart from the award itself, it was a great opportunity to mix with the best, and to observe, learn and gain inspiration from what others in the field are doing.

The EASA 2004 award is a significant recognition of the support that the global steel industry and its partners have committed to this ground-breaking project. It would not have been possible without the inspiration, expertise, time and efforts of many people, each of whom share a part of this success. We would therefore like to thank everyone who has been involved in the planning, development, evaluation and dissemination of

David Naylor
Project Director,
September 2004

PowerPoint Presentation

Click on the image below to view the short PowerPoint® Show of the presentation given at the introductory session of EASA 2004. This may freely be used by anyone wishing to promote at conferences and other events.

Click to open the Powerpoint presentation at EASA 2004

View the presentation at EASA 2004

PDF Posters

If you wish to view the posters that were used during EASA 2004 these can be downloaded using the links below. Please note that these files are in Adobe® PDF 6.0 format and that the file sizes are between 500 and 1100 kB. These may freely be used by anyone wishing to promote at conferences and other events.


PDF thumbnailProject Overview


PDF thumbnailSteel Processing


PDF thumbnailSteel Applications


PDF thumbnailScience of Steel

Evaluation in e-learning: the European Academic Software Award

Book cover

This book was released to mark the 10th anniversery of EASA with the aim of summarizing and reflecting on evaluation of e-learning software for the next decade. It discusses the evaluation in the general area of e-learning, and specifically the processes used within the European Academic Software Award. The book was edited by Rachel Panckhurst, Sophie David, and Lisa Whistlecroft and published by Université Montpellier III.

Photos from EASA 2004

The following images were taken during EASA 2004 in Le Locle and Neuchâtel, 25-27 september 2004. Click on the images to view in a new window.

Photo of Exhibition area in Le Locle

Exhibition area in Le Locle

Photo of Reception at Neuchâtel Castle

Reception at Neuchâtel Castle

Photo of Award Ceremony in Neuchâtel

Award Ceremony in Neuchâtel

Photo of stand in Le Locle stand in Le Locle

Photo of stand in Neuchâtel stand in Neuchâtel